I was born, and still live and work in Hull, England.

I am married to Janice and have two Children, Ian and Andrew.

Janice is the love of my life although she thinks I'm in love

with my computers.........

Ian is my youngest son and after attending the

University of East Anglia studying Maths now works for Norfolk police in their IT dept.

Andrew has finished University and is working for a US company and living

in Sweden as an Sales Engineer. He now seems to spend half his life flying to other parts of the world on business.

For a hobby I mess around with my PC.

If like me your getting too old to play games where fast reactions

are the order of the day then below are a couple of games I like to play.

I play a game called VGA PLANETS this is played

online. This is quite a complex game which involves building up an economy.

As well as the economy you also need to explore a 500 planet

galaxy. In this galaxy you will find up to 10 other players

either human or computer controlled all wanting to control

the same planets as you, War! is the consequence.

This game was written by Tim Wiseman.

If you have any comments or suggestions on this page drop me an e-mail ME.

 Thanks for your visit.


You just missed a pic of me!

Me On one of my good days :-)

The Book ? Its Red Dwarf.