The first three jobs are here to give you an idea as to how the work is carried out. It show's the approximate sequence of installation.

You can view any picture full size simply by clicking in it. The image will open in a new window, Just close the window when you've seen enough.


This first selection is a bathroom I did in Parkfield Road off Anlaby Road Hull.

These first 5 photos show how the bathroom looked when I arrived on Monday morning at around 8-30 AM.


1 View from the landing.

2 View from the doorway.

3 Note the high level Wc cistern.

4 The basin taps have been dripping for some time and have stained the porcelain.

5 Apart from the Radiator the bathroom had not had any work done in it since 1935


By the end of the first day the bathroom looked like this.

6 The old bath has been removed and the existing tiles removed.

 7 The new bath is now fitted and tiling started.

8 The old WC cistern has also been removed as well as the WC bowl.

9 This house has a Wc downstairs so in this case there was no need to fit the new loo yet.

10 Note the radiator as been removed and set to one side.

We have now reached the end of day 3

11 The Radiator has been refitted and the tiling finished.

12 The shower screen is also now fitted and the bath panel.

13 The Wc and basin are also now fitted and working.

14 The plaster where the old high level cistern was has been made good.

15 The shower valve has been fitted and slide rail.

This bathroom took 3 days from start to finish. Most take a little longer.  It depends on how much work there is to do. My total bill for this job was around £1150. The customer bought the bathroom suite and tiles. The suite was purchased at the Plumb Centre and the Tiles came from Studio Ceramics both in Hull.


This next selection was taken in a bedroom I installed.

21 The customer was going to fit the bedroom himself, so had started to unpack the units.

22 He got as far as unpacking just one of the units.

23 By the end of my first day the carcass of the bedroom was fitted.

24 As you can see the insides of the units are a dark wood colour.

25 You can now see that some of the doors are mirrored

26 The doors on this MFI bedroom are a high gloss white.

The whole job took just two days and my bill was just £650

Next comes a kitchen I installed on Sutton Park.

27 The first two snaps were taken about a week before I started.

28 The customer had started to take off the wall tiles and wall paper.

I have now taken out the old kitchen and stacked it outside. The customer wanted to give it to her daughter.

29 The room is now bare, all existing units removed. Note the Central heating boiler in the corner.

30 The water and gas pipes are capped off, ready for the new units to be fitted.

31 There had been a large built in cupboard to the left of the back door.

We have now reached the end of the first day. As you will be able to see the base units and most of the worktops have been fitted.

32 Most units base units now installed.

33 The sink is now plumbed in and working. The worktop joints are Butt & Scribed (mitred) to produce a near invisible join.

34 The washing machine is also now fitted and working.

We are now at the end of the second day, The rest of the base units are now installed and the wall unit have been put up.

35 The cooker is now installed as is the tall unit to its right which will house the integrated fridge freezer.

36 The base and wall units have been modified to fit around the soil pipe boxing in the corner near the back door.

37 The hinge plates are fitted ready to have the doors fitted tomorrow.

This is the last day. The cornice and light pelmet will be fitted to day as will the doors.


3839 40

The last three images above show the "almost" finished kitchen. The tall unit to the right of the cooker is missing its fridge freezer. I fitted it around two weeks later the day after it arrived.

All that was left to do after I had left was the decorating. My fee for installing this kitchen including the plumbing, gas and electrical work was £1450


The three picture's above where taken in a very small bath room in the Spring Head area of Hull.

The bathroom suite as well as the furniture is by Ideal Standard from their "Space" range. Note the compact WC bowl and the bath which narrows at one end.

The floor was already tiled and the customer kept those tile's in place the rest of the room was newly tiled. My customer supplied the bath room suite, shower, furniture and tiles. The whole job took five days from start to finish and my bill was £1030.

Below is a kitchen and utility room.

Note the glass canopy and stainless steel chimney cooker hood. Also note in the utility room the central heating boiler has been hidden inside a wall unit.

44   45

46     47

My fee for the installation of the above was £1650. This included all the plumbing, gas, electrical work, and the tiling.


Next are three snaps taken of a bathroom. These are for those among you who don't like to see a lot of tiles.

48      49     50

There are only four tiles plus the boarder from floor to ceiling.



These three show a room where the bath was taken out and a walk in shower cubical installed. Note there is no door to close on the cubical, you simply walk around the curved glass into the shower area.

Ok, I know I said I wouldn't show before and after pictures I couldn't resist this batch.


Above is a large bedroom in Beverley before I started work.


I have now built a dividing wall and created a small lobby area with two doors one leading into the now smaller bedroom, and the other leading into the new bathroom.


The vanity basin has the new wall to its right, the bath is where the Radiator was and the WC is where the right hand wardrobe was. The WC is attached to a "sani-flow" electric macerator which pumps the waste to the drain in the next room.


 The image's above show the left & right hand corner's of a bedroom Before I fitted the wardrobe's.


And now After the wardrobes have been fitted.

The units all came from MFI.


Here are three letters received from customers



Below is an e-mail from another customer.


Hello Steve

Just a quick note to say thanks for all your hard work.

We were very impressed with the quality of your work and also the professional way you carried it out. We appreciated all your efforts in keeping disruption to a minimum and also your patience in explaining how things worked.

We have now painted the door and window and they look a lot better for being white rather than the original wood colour. The floor (black patterned cushion flooring) was fitted yesterday and now we are just waiting for the Venetian blind (a metallic silvery blue).

We think it all looks fantastic, which is largely down to your skills and advice.

Finally, we would be very pleased to use you for future works and will certainly recommend you to others.

Thanks very much.

Regards, Joe, Claire, Bxx & Sxx Hxxxxs


And another.

XX the Lawns

Broadley Avenue


26th May 2010


Dear Steve,

I would just like to say thank you for all of your hard work last week, when you tiled and fitted our bathroom.

 I was impressed with the long hours you put in to produce a really professional and beautifully finished bathroom. I was also impressed with the fact that everything was left spotless, which is not something Iíve experienced with previous tradesmen. The bathroom looks beautiful thanks to you and Iíve shown it off to everyone who has visited since it was finished.

I also appreciated your recommendation to use Studio Ceramics as they were a real help when it came to choosing the tiles and delivered them exactly when they said they would. It is not a shop I have used before and they really helped me decide on the colour scheme which is a real success. I also found your recommendation of plumb centre useful as their service was excellent and the products were of very good quality. 

Many thanks again for turning my horror of a bath room into a room to be proud of.

Yours sincerely,

Carol Xxxxxxx


Dear Steve,

Just a brief email to say thank you for your recent total refurbishment of our bathroom.

Both of us were very impressed with the quality of your workmanship and the professional manner in which you carried out the work from start to finish.

We would have no hesitation in using you on future occasions - we will certainly recommend you to others.

Once again, many thanks.


Susan & Mike B******


And another.

From: Derek Taxxxx []
Sent: 22 April 2010 17:01
To: 'Steve'


Hi Steve,


Just wanted to say Ďthank youí for the wonderful job you have done with the bathroom.  We will be in touch regarding the kitchen.  If at all possible we may try to get that done towards the end of the summer.

 Best regards 

Anne and Derek.



And another.


Hi Steve,

I just wanted to say thank you very much for the superb job you did installing my new bathroom. I am absolutely delighted with it. Your workmanship and skill, not to say speed, care and thorough attention to detail, astounds me.  I am just so looking forward to someone asking me if I know of a good installer so I can recommend you 100%! 

Once again, many thanks.

 Bye for now,

Liz C********

For obvious reasons I have edited out personal details







I will add a few more examples of my work later. But only finished jobs as I hope the pictures above give you an idea as to how the work is carried out.

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